We produce 21st century solutions to organisational challenges.

Education design and delivery

We are experts in the design and delivery of educational programmes. We believe in blended, social, reflective learning and building communities of practice. We are experts in learning science and the creation of blended learning programmes.

We deliver education and training through keynotes, small and large group sessions, and can operate in person, online or in extended reality. Our belief in blended learning means that 'in-person' sessions are often used to reflect upon and explore the application of knowledge gained through online preparation work. 

We always adapt our delivery to adjust for different learning styles and particular needs, including neurodiversity and learning difficulties. 

We specialise in training around leadership, communication skills, diversity and inclusion, teaching and supervision, and the thinking environment.

We can help you to develop curricula, utilising stakeholder engagement and a Delphi approach to iterative design of learning outcomes. 

Bespoke eLearning

We specialise in the production of award-winning eLearning. Our use of cutting-edge tools means we can craft genuinely engaging learning packages that can be accessed anywhere. You have the option of hosting the content we deliver on your own platform or on one of our bespoke online portals.  

Custom AI Tools

You might wonder how to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to support your learners. AI is a transformational learning tool. We are experts in the creation of bespoke AI tutors and chatbots. There is a lot of evidence of the benefit of dialogue to support learning. We create AI tools trained on your resources and learning materials, bespoke to your needs, and able to support educators and learners through their journeys. Speak to us now about what you can achieve.

Web design and bespoke online portals. 

Of course we can produce beautiful websites with any feature you might want - like we did with the one you are looking at now!

We also specialise in is producing bespoke online learning portals. As well as this portal, you can see another example site at Fairhealth. This is currently aupporting over 1000 learners. You can register on Fairhealth for free and have a look around. Of course we can match your branding or develop branding and logos for you too.

Your learning portal will facilitate interactive, social learning and can be accessed on all devices, with optional branded iOS and Android apps. You can sell courses if you want, or have all your content freely accessible. It integrates perfectly with online communication platforms like Zoom.

We offer turn-key solutions with different levels of support depending on your needs, including complete administration and management if required. 

Equality, diversity, inclusion and anti-racism

We have experience leading ground-breaking organisational programmes in equality, diversity, inclusion, intersectionality, allyship and anti-racism. Whether you are at the early stages of thinking about this, or know what you want to do but need help doing it, we can help. 

As well as full organisational programmes, we also offer active bystander and allyship training through eLearning, virtual or face to face delivery. 

Health inequalities

Professor Dom Patterson is an expert in health inequalities education, founding and leading a charity which seeks to reduce health inequalities though health professionals education. He has authored many learning modules on health inequalities and designed and delivered bespoke blended learning educational programmes for groups of healthcare professionals.

Organisational development

Our team of brilliant coaches have wide experience of coaching at all levels within the NHS, include executive coaching.

Maybe you need us to help facilitate a team away day or support or chair key meetings or events? No problem. 

We also really love strategy development, including stakeholder mapping, engagement, and the use of 'open strategy' processes. We can help you communicate your strategy to stakeholders. 

We are particularly interested in supporting culture change within organisations. 

Leadership development

We believe in adaptable, generative and compassionate leadership and can help take individuals and teams on a leadership journey that enables you to achieve your goals, offer value and care for each other. We often draw on our thinking environment facilitation and coaching network to help teams work better together. 


To provide outstanding solutions that enable the NHS to improve patient care and reduce inequalities


We believe your organisation can make the world better, for example by improving the health and wellbeing of people and populations.

We want to support you to do this. 


To help you achieve your goals by providing outstanding support around education, training, leadership, and organisational development.


We produce 21st century solutions to organisational challenges.

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